Trip To The Funeral Museum

Join us as we take our next trip by bus to the National Funeral Museum on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. "The National Museum of Funeral History is an educational experience like no other and offers something for everyone. Discover America’s largest collection of authentic, historical funeral service items. Learn about caskets and coffins, hearses through history, plus the funerals of Presidents, Popes, celebrities and more while you witness the cultural heritage of the funeral service industry and its time-honored tradition of compassion.".

After a tour of the museum, we will stop at the Potatoe Patch Restaurant,  "Home of the throw'd roll". More than great country cookin' -- it's a unique dinning experience".  They are known for their great American food.

Details are being finalized.  Cost for the trip is anticipated to be $12 to cover the cost of the museum and tip for the bus driver. Everyone will pay for their own lunch.  It will be a morning departure and an early afternoon return to OCB.  Stay tuned for final details.

If you know you want to attend, you can go ahead and RSVP to Sherri Orioli via mail to or phone call to 281-726-1679 and follow-up with your payment to Jean Long once details are finalized.

A Special Invitation from our President

Dear UTHRO Members,

I have spoken with many of you about an opportunity for us to travel together as a group.  I am very pleased to offer you, your family and friends that opportunity with a European River Cruise – the Danube Waltz 2018.  We will depart from Houston on November 30, 2018 for Budapest, Hungry and board the ms River Voyager.  This is an 8 day cruise with a return date of December 8, 2018.  Our ports of calls will be Bratislava, Vienna, Linz, Passau, and Regensburg. You also have the opportunity to add a 3 day pre-trip visit in Budapest, Hungary and a 3 day post-trip visit Prague, Czech Republic. I have attached three flyers that explain the details and give you a full itinerary. 

I have locked in group rate cabins from as low as $2,199 per person. This price is about half of the normal price per person.  You may also book your airfare through the travel company, Vantage Travel.  Round-trip airfare from Houston is valued at $1,449 per person.  However, Vantage Travel is offering our group round trip airfare for $799.  This is a savings of $650.  Also if you book your trip and pay in full 12 months prior by E-Check, you will save up to 10%. 

It is important that you make your plans now and book early to insure that you reserve your space on the trip. I have already booked mine!   Although this trip more than a year away it is important that you book now because the cruise ship only holds 178 passengers, and this trip is one their most popular cruises.  Our Vantage group manager has informed me that many people are already booking this trip.    I would encourage you to make your plans and book your trip within the next 30 days.   Our reservation Group Number is G705400.  In order to receive these discounts, you must use the Group Number.  If you are traveling alone and would like a roommate.  Please let me know.  I can try and help you find a roommate.  You are most welcome to invite family and friends to join you on this cruise.

 If you have any questions or just want more information, please call me at 281-933-3634 or email me at  I would enjoy talking with you about this exciting adventure. 

To book your trip, you can call Vantage Travel at 1-800-322-6677 and give them our Group Number G705400.  A $500 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Looking forward to traveling with you!;;

Barbara Kelly  President, UTHRO

Further detailed information can be found by clicking on the following documents:  Danube Waltz Info; Danube Waltz FlyerPricing Danube Walt

UTHRO's Endowment Fund

The UTHRO Endowment for Healthy Aging has been established to benefit UTHealth’s patient care, education and research for the aging population and their caregivers.  

The UTHRO Endowment for Healthy Aging to date:

$36,595 have been given for our permanent endowment to benefit UTHealth’s patient care, education and research for the aging population and their caregivers.  We have reached our minimum goal; however, we look forward to significantly increasing this endowment.  Please remember, any amount is welcome from members and friends of UTHRO.  Contributions can include memorial gifts, honor gifts and more.  Please send your gift to:

c/o Mr. Michael Musters

UTHealth, Office of Development

P.O. Box 1321

Houston, TX  77251-1321

To insure your intention is met, please write “for UTHRO Endowment” on the memo line of your check.

UTHRO members, please plan to hear regularly from your Endowment Committee to celebrate our successes as we more fully fund our permanent endowment.  Through this legacy, we are “Seniors Helping Seniors”.  (Rick Bebermeyer, Endowment Committee Chair 713-966-943 

Our Founders to date (1-4-17) are:

Peggy Amante;Anonymous;Ann C. Baker; Richard Bebermeyer & Randolph Tibbits; Phyllis Bouldin; Max & Donna Buja; Rita Cammarata & Dorothy Maggio; Lily & Philip Chang; Charlotte Childress (In Memory of Lucille Childress); Henny & Yoka van Dijk; Mary Fabrizio; Herb & Judy Fred; Ina & Aaron Fried (in Memory of Helen Murphy); Les & Tricia Fullerton; Bonnie Geppert; Linda Gilbert; Sarah Granbery; Daun Gray; Janet E. Hammill; Mr. & Mrs. Berel Held; Ken Jones; Ted Jones (in Memory of Helen Murphy); Barbara Kelly (in Memory of Angie Scoggin); Frances Poole Knight (Honorary Founder); Julie Knobil; Sarah Kor; Bailey Lee; Inga-Lill Leon; Janice Levine; Patsy Lington; Jean Long (in Memory of Marvin Long); Tena Lummus; Karen Lund & Jack DeMoss; Joan Lynch; Mary McBroom; Shirley Mize; Minerva Montano; Paula O'Neill-Weedon & Waland Weedon; Peggy O’Neill (in Memory of Hally Poindexter); Sherri Orioli; Jean Osterman; Merrill & Linda Overturf; Susan & John Powers; Joyce Randolf (in Honor/Memory of Sharon Ostwald/Melvin Ostwald); John & Anne Ribble; Richard & Olive Riker; Barry & Gillian Rittman; Richard & Yvonne Ruiz; Glenn Schreyer; Angie Scoggin (Honorary Founder); Randolph Scott; Gabriel Shahwan; Barbara & Sam Skjonsby (in Memory of Max Hutchins); Malcolm & Lois Skolnick; Cheves & Polly Smythe; Sema Spigner; John & Elena Spudich; Anna Steinberger; Gladys Thomas;Mary Trolinger (in Memory of John Trolinger);Stephen & Lauren Tucker; UT Houston Retiree Organization; Steve & Linda Utterback; John & Deborah Valenza (in Memory of Elizabeth Valenza);Margaret Walker; Marcia & Ronald Waldbillig; Bob White; Dora Woodson; Brian Yeoman; Rita Zachariasen; Margaret Zambrano

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